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Скачать Bring your website to live with AJAX and DHTML бесплатно

Bring your website to live with AJAX and DHTML

Bring your website to live with AJAX and DHTML
DMX ZONE | ISBN n/a | 2006 | PDF | 29 Mb | 168 pages

Ajax enables you to write interactive applications while reducing the amount of data interchanged between the web browser and web server. This results in shorter processing times so you can give your user the ultimate web experience.
DHTML allows you to create amazing effects and allows you to enhance the interactivity of your webpage without using any Plug-ins. DHTML files are also smaller then HTML files thus speeding up your website even further.

About Tom Dell’Aringa
Bring your website to live with AJAX and DHTML

Getting started with DHTML
DHTML: Introduction to scripting the DOM
DHTML: Dynamic Client Side Table Sorting
DHTML: Dynamic Class Switching
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Dynamic "Hide and Show" Content using the DOM

Real-world DHTML
Popup Windows: Doing Them Right
A Simple DHTML Flyout Menu
Formatting User Form Data
More controlling form fields
"Alertless" Client Side Error Messages
The new and improved Date Picker!
Spicing up Data Tables with Highlighting Rows
An Abstract “Add Row” Class for Dynamic Table Rows (like Yahoo!)

Take control with AJAX
Introduction to AJAX
The Ajax Filmstrip
Ajax: Ready States, PHP and Arrays
Google Maps and AJAX: Web 2.0 on Your Web Site

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