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Скачать Web Standards Programmer’s Reference бесплатно

Web Standards Programmer’s Reference

Wrox (August 5, 2005)
PDF | 812 pages | English | ISBN: 0764588206 | 7.54mb(rar)
Web Standards Programmer's Reference : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and PHP/by Steven M. Schafer (Author).
* This invaluable resource offers tutorials and real-world examples as well as thorough language references for Web markup languages (HTML/XHTML and CSS), and popular scripting languages (JavaScript, Perl, and PHP)
* Examines the role of JavaScript, CGI (with examples in Perl and Python), and PHP on the Web and shows how to best use them all
* Includes a valuable reference section on each technology that can be used for review and consultation

this book is one-stop reading for all the essential Web standards—XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI with Perl and Python, and PHP. In today's web environment, professional web coders and serious enthusiasts need to create documents and scripts that comply with published standards so your content can be viewed on as many web-capable platforms as possible. This book teaches the standards and technologies necessary to achieve that desired result.
Packed with examples for learning each of these standard technologies and followed by detailed references to each language, this book provides a total package for moving your web publishing to current standards-based coding.
What you will learn from this book
* A solid background and understanding of HTML and applying XHTML to format specific document elements
* Using CSS to select and format text, margins, colors, and other elements and position them on the page
* Applying JavaScript for client-side scripting and dynamic content delivery
* Using server scripts and CGI with the popular Perl and Python languages
* Publishing rich, dynamic content using the PHP scripting language
* The importance of following web standards to ensure compatibility with as many user agents as possible, including Internet Explorer, the increasingly important and popular Firefox, and the latest crop of mobile platforms
* How to avoid browser-specific code and deprecated tags and attributes that cause your documents to be unusable for many users

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