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Скачать Professional XML (Programmer to Programmer) бесплатно

Professional XML (Programmer to Programmer)

Bill Evjen, Kent Sharkey, Thiru Thangarathinam, Michael Kay, Alessandro Vernet, Sam Ferguson, "Professional XML (Programmer to Programmer)"
Wrox | ISBN 0471777773 | April 9, 2007 | PDF | 856 Pages | 31.5MB

From document type definitions and XQuery to Web services and form development, this book takes you through all of the XML capabilities that companies want to implement today. It not only covers the basics of XML and the XML specification, but also shows you the XML-based applications that are driving the tech industry forward, such as blogging and alerts.

Professional XML first guides you through the steps for utilizing XML and XML-based presentation technologies. It next delves into the steps you can follow to transform and program your XML documents. You'll then discover best practices for integrating XML with Ajax, the .NET Framework, Java®, and more. Integrated throughout the chapters, you'll also find proven tips and techniques on how to apply the discussed technology so that you can continue to build the best possible applications.

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