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Скачать Building a Web Site for Dummies by David A. Crowder бесплатно

Building a Web Site for Dummies by David A. Crowder

Building a Web Site for Dummies by David A. Crowder
2 Pap/Cdr edition (August 6, 2004) | ISBN-10: 0764571443 | PDF | 7,8 Mb | 384 pages

If you're just getting your feet wet in Web site construction, the first big hurdle is figuring out where to start. Building a Web Site for Dummies lightens things up with humor and makes the challenge of building a site far less daunting.

This book doesn't zoom you right into coding HTML, although it covers the markup language quite well. Instead, it offers a much higher-level look at site design by examining the general questions of navigation principles, affiliation possibilities, building communications with your users, and other wide-ranging topics. For this reason, the book covers a lot of ground and offers a broad perspective on site design that transcends simple page coding.
A couple of the more useful sections on Web site tools and e-commerce cover useful utilities, such as NetMechanic, Statbot, and Spinwave. The chapter on e-commerce helps you get to know the ropes of selling stuff online, and points you to online malls, fulfillment services, and currency converters.

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