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Скачать Thomas A. Powell - Web Design Complete Reference - the complete reference бесплатно

Thomas A. Powell - Web Design Complete Reference - the complete reference
Osborne/McGraw-Hill | ISBN: 0072224428 | 23/08/2002 | English | 901 pages | Paperback | 22 MB

The Definitive Resource on Web Design Theory and Practice

Create effective Web sites following the latest technologies and techniques. Author, instructor, and Web design guru Thomas Powell has fully revised this second edition of his highly instructive Web design and development techniques. From determining your needs and planning your site, to the nuts-and-bolts of page development with text, graphics, scripts, and multimedia, everything you'll need to know is covered in this comprehensive volume. Updated content includes extended coverage of new browsers and technologies, standards-oriented development using XHTML, CSS and XML, emerging design conventions, and the latest Web-serving approaches for speedy site delivery. Plus--work with live examples, useful links, and downloadable tools at the author's companion Web site.
  • Learn Web design techniques and solid Web development skills
  • Use site architecture to create a user-friendly environment
  • Follow real-world examples of site designs suited to a variety of needs
  • Perform site evaluations to discover hidden usability and execution problems
  • Learn how to utilize search and advanced navigation in your site
  • Add interactive features such as rollovers, navigation systems, and special page effects
  • Integrate helpful Web interface tools like pull-down menus and forms
  • Manage site delivery including usage analysis and capacity planning
  • Find a concise reference for core Web technologies such as XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets

Amazon.com Review
With so many books out on particular development tools and languages, it's refreshing to see one that tackles the overarching topic of Web design and implementation techniques. Web Design: The Complete Reference is a rare combination of design theory and detailed information on implementation. Author Thomas A Powell, who also wrote HTML: The Complete Reference, has produced an impressive sequel in this hefty title.

Powell addresses topics like navigation theory and user profiling, backing up high-level discussion with excellent, practical technique. He goes beyond your garden-variety explanation of what particular features are and how to code them by specifying the problems you might face and offering solutions. You get insight you can use: how to handle those pesky frames by understanding UI consequences, keep frames from opening within themselves, and offer your users the ability to print framed pages reliably.

All the bases are covered, including adding GUI interactivity, solid page layout and formatting techniques, and a look at the various Web technologies and their effect on site design. The entire work exudes the confidence of a well-seasoned writer, and the discussions leave you feeling well informed. This book bridges the gap between knowing how to build Web sites and having a holistic knowledge of all of the intricacies and pitfalls of coding for the Web. --
-- Stephen W. Plain

About the Author
Thomas Powell is the founder and principal of Powell Internet Consulting, Inc. a San Diego-based web design firm that specializes in Web research and development and site construction for high-tech companies. He developed the Web Design Certificate Program at UCSD, teaches web publishing classes and serves as senior instructor and faculty advisor in the University's Information Technology Program. He holds a Bachelor of Science from UCLA and a Master's degree in Computer Science from UCSD. Powell is the author of three books: HTML: The Complete Reference and HTML Programmer's Reference for Osborne and Web Site Engineering: Beyond Web Page Design for Prentice Hall.

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