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Скачать Mark Watson: Java Programming 10-Minute Solutions бесплатно

Java Programming 10-Minute Solutions
Sybex | 2003-12-30 | ISBN: 0782142850 | PDF | Pages 400 | 3.43 MB

The problems encountered by a beginning Java programmer are many--and mostly minor.

The problems you encounter as an experienced Java programmer are far fewer€”and far more serious.

Java Programming 10-Minute Solutions provides direct solutions to the thorny problems you're most likely to run up against in your work. Especially when a project entails new techniques or draws you into a realm outside your immediate expertise, potential headaches abound. With this book, a veteran Java programmer saves you both aggravation and€”just as important€”time.

Here are some of the solutions you'll find inside:

* Parsing XML using SAX and DOM, and using XSLT to transform XML to HTML
* Java file I/O: copying and deleting entire directories
* Using Java search algorithms
* Thread management
* Leveraging Java Web Services support in SOAP, XML-RPC, and XML over HTTP
* Low-level JDBC programming
* Using servlets and JSPs (including struts) for web applications
* Using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) container managed persistence
* Generating EJB classes with ant and XDocolet
* Using JUnit for unit testing

Modeled after the straightforward Q&A approach of the DevX website, these in-depth, code-intensive solutions help you past obstacles right now and ultimately make you a smarter, more effective programmer.


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