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Скачать Wayne Holder, Doug Bell: Java Game Programming for Dummies бесплатно

Java Game Programming for Dummies
John Wiley & Sons Inc (Computers) | 1998-03 | ISBN 0764501682 | PDF | Pages 384 | 2.22 MB

Online game design just got easier with Java Game Programming For Dummies, your all-in-one reference guide to writing cool, cutting-edge Internet games. Java Game Programming For Dummies guides new and veteran game designers alike through the nuts and bolts of creating fun, user-friendly games that can be played across the World Wide Web. From your first basic Java applets to sophisticated techniques for advanced 3-D texture-mapping, animation, maze generation, and collision detection, this handy, plain-speaking reference book gives you the tools and tricks you need in order to write professional-quality Java-based games. Plus, the valuable bonus CD-ROM includes the Java Development Kit (a bare-bones developing environment for creating Java programs); various sound utilities for creating, tweaking, and converting sounds to Java-supported formats; all the games, Java code, and applets found in the book (and several more exclusively on CD); and five bonus chapters on the fundamentals of programming with Java.


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