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Скачать HTML: Your visual blueprint for designing effective Web pages бесплатно

Ruth Maran, “HTML: Your visual blueprint for designing effective Web pages”
Visual | 2000-07-01 | ISBN: 0764534718 | 350 pages | PDF | 6,65 MB

Welcome to the only guidebook series that takes a visual approach to professional-level computer topics. Inside you'll discover step-by-step screen shots that demonstrate over 100 key HTML tasks, including:
Setting up a Web page
Reducing image resolution
Creating a link to an FTP site
Adding an embedded sound
Creating radio buttons
Creating an inline frame
Adding JavaScript to a Web page
Adding a hit counter
Creating an internal stylesheet
Creating an XML declaration
The companion CD-ROM includes:
HomeSite, Gif.gIf.giF, and Paint Shop Pro evaluation versions
Goldwave, CuteFTP, and WS_FTP Pro shareware trials
BBEdit 5.1.1 demo
Plus, all sample code and an eversion of the book

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