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Скачать Creating Mac Widgets with Dashcode бесплатно

William Murray, Chris Pappas, "Creating Mac Widgets with Dashcode (Firstpress)"
Apress | ISBN: 1430209674 | May 5, 2008 | 96 pages | PDF | 7.5MB

In 100 pages, you will learn to create and use widgets using Dashcode. Widgets are simple, typically small applications for a specific purpose, such as a weather report, a calculator, a stock quote, and the like that reside on the Mac Dashboard. Building these before Dashcode was time consuming though not hard; but now, you can whip up a widget fast. Creating Mac Widgets with Dashcode teaches you how.
- Up to date with Leopard
- The fast and easy way to learn to build widgets. You’ll be building widgets in an hour.
- Dashcode makes widget development simple.

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