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Скачать Refactoring HTML: Improving the Design of Existing Web Applications бесплатно

Refactoring HTML: Improving the Design of Existing Web Applications
Addison-Wesley Professional | 2008 | ISBN: 9780321503633 | English | 368 pages | CHM | 3.4 MB

In Refactoring HTML, Elliotte Rusty Harold explains howto use refactoring to improve virtually any Web site or application.Writing for programmers and non-programmers alike, Harold shows how torefactor for better reliability, performance, usability, security,accessibility, compatibility, and even search engine placement. Step bystep, he shows how to migrate obsolete code to today’s stable Webstandards, including XHTML, CSS, and REST—and eliminate chronicproblems like presentation-based markup, stateful applications, and“tag soup.”

The book’s extensive catalog of detailedrefactorings and practical “recipes for success” are organized to helpyou find specific solutions fast, and get maximum benefit for minimumeffort. Using this book, you can quickly improve site performancenow—and make your site far easier to enhance, maintain, and scale foryears to come.

Topics covered include

• Recognizing the “smells” of Web code that should be refactored
• Transforming old HTML into well-formed, valid XHTML, one step at a time
• Modernizing existing layouts with CSS
• Updating old Web applications: replacing POST with GET, replacing old contact forms, and refactoring JavaScript
• Systematically refactoring content and links
• Restructuring sites without changing the URLs your users rely upon

This book will be an indispensable resource for Web designers,developers, project managers, and anyone who maintains or updatesexisting sites. It will be especially helpful to Web professionals wholearned HTML years ago, and want to refresh their knowledge withtoday’s standards-compliant best practices.
This book will be anindispensable resource for Web designers, developers, project managers,and anyone who maintains or updates existing sites. It will beespecially helpful to Web professionals who learned HTML years ago, andwant to refresh their knowledge with today’s standards-compliant bestpractices.



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