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Скачать Dynamic Learning Dreamweaver CS3 [ILLUSTRATED] бесплатно

Dynamic Learning Dreamweaver CS3 [ILLUSTRATED]
O'Reilly Media, Inc. | November 12, 2007 | English | ISBN: 0596510578 | CHM | 416 pages | RapidShare | 71.9 MB

Learning Dreamweaver CS3 is like having access to a top-notch team of your very own instructors. Written by product experts and trainers who have produced many of Adobe's training titles, the book takes you step-by-step through the process of learning to use Dreamweaver X like a pro.

This full-color book is organized into lessons, with easy-to-follow instructions, tips, examples, and review questions at the end of every lesson. Each lesson is self-contained, so you can go through the entire book sequentially or just focus on individual lessons.

Topics covered include:

* What's new in Dreamweaver CS3
* Dreamweaver CS3 Jumpstart
* Creating web sites
* Styling pages with CSS
* Working with Snippets and library items
* Using tables and frames
* Adding Flash, video, and audio content

In addition, the book comes with a companion DVD with video tutorials and all of the files needed for the lessons, including final, completed Dreamweaver files. A free Instructor's Guide is available online.

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