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Скачать Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications бесплатно


Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications
Sitepoint| ISBN: 0975841947 | 2006| PDF | 3,22 MB | 297 pages

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a new approach for developing web applications. It essentially permits users to interact with a Webpage without forcing a slow & tedious reload of the entire page after every action. This means web applications become more responsive, easier to use, and more intuitive. Build Your Own Ajax Web Applications uses a step-by-step tutorial format that's so easy to follow, you'll be able to build sophisticated and intuitive Ajax web interfaces in no time!
Read this book, and you'll:

-Get an overview of the basic technologies you'll need to use to build Ajax applications.
-Understand the XMLHttpRequest object, the core of Ajax applications.
-Build a cross-browser XMLHttpRequest wrapper that you can use in all of your Ajax projects.
-Build an Ajax application monitor that works in real time.
-Learn how to use Ajax without breaking older browsers or causing accessibility issues.
-Get your Ajax application working with screen readers.
-Use dynamic animations to improve usability.
-Build edit-in-place functionality.
-Create an Ajax search application that pulls data from Amazon, del.icio.us, and Google.
-Fix the "Back button" problem.
-Use JSON, YAML, and XML to communicate with the server.
-Build an Ajax drag 'n' drop chess game.

And a whole lot more!

Throughout the text, the author stresses usability, accessibility, and graceful degradation for older, less-capable web browsers

DOWNLOAD: http://rapidshare.com/files/53449083/78954622212.rar


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