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Скачать Simply JavaScript бесплатно

Simply JavaScript | Kevin Yank, Cameron Adams
ISBN: 0980285801 | June 15, 2007 | 405 pages | 9.37 Mb

Everything you need to learn JavaScript from Scratch!

Packed with full-color examples, Simply JavaScript is a step-by-step introduction to programming in JavaScript the right way. Learn how easy it is to use JavaScript to solve real-world problems, build smarter forms, track user events (such as mouse clicks and key strokes), and design eye-catching animations. Then move into more powerful techniques using the DOM and Ajax.
# Learn JavaScript's built-in functions, methods, and properties.
# Easily integrate JavaScript in your web site.
# Use JavaScript to validate form entries and interact with your users.
# Understand how to respond to user events.
# Create animations that bring your web site to life.
# Start programming using the DOM and Ajax.

Unlike other JavaScript books, modern best practices such as progressive enhancement, accessibility and unobtrusive scripting are used from the very beginning. All the code in the book is also cross-browser compatible and downloadable for free, so you can get started instantly!


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