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Скачать HTML 4.01 Weekend Crash Course бесплатно

HTML 4.01 Weekend Crash Course
Publisher:Wiley (2000-01-15) | ISBN-10: 0764547461 | PDF | 6.3 Mb | 447 pages

The Weekend Crash Course series consists of 30 sessions over a period of three days. Each session is designed to take 30 minutes to complete, so the Crash Course is an intense 15-hour learning period beginning on Friday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon. Naturally, you can adapt your learning to whatever schedule best suits your needs.
HTML 4.01 Weekend Crash Course is written to meet the needs of the reader who is new to HTML and new to scripting and mark-up languages. However, through the use of carefully constructed roadmaps at the beginning of each session as well as pre- and post-assessment software on the CD-ROM, the book is also quite accessible to the reader who already has some knowledge of HTML or another scripting language.


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