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Скачать Digital Image Processing Using Java 6 (Book & CD) бесплатно

Digital Image Processing Using Java 6 (Book & CD) By Dr Nick Efford
Publisher: Addison Wesley 2000 | 340 Pages | ISBN: 0201596237 | PDF | 39 MB

The technologies associated with the digital representation of visual information have received a lot of attention lately, considering the ongoing explosion in the popularity of digital cameras, online image delivery, powerful graphics-editing programs, and digital video. Such technologies have been evolving for years, though, and in Digital Image Processing: A Practical Introduction Using Java, Nick Efford provides a fine snapshot of the state of digital imaging art. A serious treatment of the theory and practice of encoding and manipulating graphics data, Efford's book explains how computer programs work with pixels, colours, and other aspects of digital imaging. There's emphasis on sampling, filtering, compression, and additional manipulation algorithms.
This book is about digital images, not Java. The Java programming language is just Efford's tool for illustrating how to manipulate image data. (Because of its clean design, Java is particularly well suited to this job.) In a typical section, Efford reveals the theory behind a particular kind of image processing (often with some pure math that's easy to follow with a bit of study) and then show how Java implements the idea. He uses the classes of the Java2D API in his code listings, illustrating the results using sample images (some in colour) and graphs. --David Wall, Amazon.com

This text takes a practical approach to image processing, from a Computer Science perspective, using Java code and presuming a minimal mathematical background.
The book explains IP concepts, and then allows the student to practice them by working with the accompanying CD-ROM.


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