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Скачать Professional WebObjects with Java бесплатно

Thomas Termini, Pierce Wetter, Ben Galbraith and oth., "Professional WebObjects with Java"
Peer Information | 2001 | ISBN: 1861004311 | 500 pages | PDF | 14,7 MB

WebObjects 5 is the powerful new release of Apple's award-winning application server, built from the ground up in Java. This allows WebObjects to run on virtually any server making it easily accessible to millions of Java programmers. WebObjects also integrates with other Java-based solutions such as EJB containers, servlets, ORBs, and web services.

The combination of a Java runtime with advanced native tools for Mac OS X and Windows 2000 makes WebObjects an obvious environment for customers needing rapid development of flexible, scalable web applications.

This book provides a comprehensive roadmap to application development and serving with WebObjects by taking you step-by-step through a careful balance of examples and explanations of theory. When you are finished, you will be able to create dynamic applications that allow users to find, view, and modify data from back-end databases, accessible in any browser.

This book covers:

Complete guide to installing and using WebObjects 5.0
Multi-platform approach, for WebObjects running on either Mac OS X or Windows 2000
Comprehensive tour of WebObject's application development tools
Creating WebObjects components
Object-relational mapping to databases using the Enterprise Object Framework
Advanced features including Direct To Web and Java Client
Practical worked examples throughout, including a detailed case study

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