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Скачать Barry Burd - Java 2 for Dummies (Repost) бесплатно

Barry Burd - Java 2 for Dummies
For Dummies | 2004 | ISBN: 0764568582 | Pages: 378 | PDF | 5.21 MB

Make the jump to Java and JDK 5.0

Your first step toward building Java-powered applications

Whether you’re creating your first program or adding Java to your development toolbox for the first time, this book is the place to start. With Java trainer Barry Burd showing you the way, you’ll be creating your first Java application in no time!

All this on the bonus CD-ROM

* Exclusive build of JCreator customized for use with code in the book
* A trial version of Jindent, NetCaptor freeware and DJ Java Decompiler freeware versions

Discover how to:

* Think like an object-oriented programmer
* Save time by reusing code
* Break a project into manageable pieces
* Diagnose problems and squash bugs
* Formulate your program’s business logic

* This updated bestseller covers programming essentials for the newest version of Java, the popular platform-independent, object-oriented programming language
* The material is fully updated and focuses on the new Java SDK 1.5, addressing the needs of new or inexperienced Java developers
* The fun and easy writing style walks readers through Java syntax basics and helps them write their first program
* Shows readers how to create basic Java objects and figure out when they can reuse existing code
* The new edition is also modified to better address the readers who may have some programming knowledge, but who are new to Java

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