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Скачать Flex 3 Bible (With Source Code) бесплатно

[David Gassner "Flex 3 Bible With Source Code)"
August 2008 | English | ISBN: 0470287644 | 1010 Pages | PDF | 17.2 MB

Write programs using familiar workflows, deliver rich applications for Web or desktop, and integrate with a variety of application servers using ColdFusion, PHP, and others-all with the new Flex Builder 3 toolkit and the comprehensive tutorials in this packed reference. You'll learn the basics of Flex 3, then quickly start using MXML, ActionScript, CSS, and other tools to create applications that can run on any browser or operating system.
* Install and learn how to use Flex Builder 3
* Explore MXML, ActionScript 3, and the anatomy of a Flex application
* Lay out Flex controls and containers, and use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to create look and feel
* Incorporate Advanced List controls, Flex charting components, and data entry forms
* Integrate your Flex applications with a variety of application servers
* Create cross-operating system desktop applications with Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)


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