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Скачать The Java 3D API Specification 2nd Edition 2000-05 [includes Source Code link] бесплатно

The Java 3D API Specification 2nd Edition 2000-05 [includes Source Code link]
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional | 1999 | ISBN 0201710412 | PDF | 652 pages | 6.89 MB

Book Description:

Comprehensive and definitive, this is the essential reference for Java programmers building multi-platform and Internet 3D applications with the latest version of the Java 3D API. The Javaa„? 3D API Specification, Second Edition covers the new Java 3D API in unprecedented depth, going beyond the "raw" spec to provide practical insight for sophisticated developers, straight from Sun Microsystems' Java 3D experts. Start by understanding Java 3D's goals, programming paradigm, object hierarchy, program structure, and performance features. Next, master the basics of creating, rendering, and manipulating 3D geometry, including working with Java 3D scene graphs; using key components such as group node and leaf node objects; reusing scene graphs, and more. The CD, new to this edition, contains numerous examples, demos, and source code.


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