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Скачать Programming Language Processors in Java: Compilers and Interpreters бесплатно

Programming Language Processors in Java: Compilers and Interpreters
Publisher: Prentice Hall | ISBN: 0130257869 | edition 2000-02-04 | PDF | 438 pages | 35,38 mb

This book provides a gently paced introduction to techniques for implementing programming languages by means of compilers and interpreters, using the object-oriented programming language Java. The book aims to exemplify good software engineering principles at the same time as explaining the specific techniques needed to build compilers and interpreters.


* The book shows clearly how a simple compiler can be decomposed into a syntactic analyzer, a contextual analyzer, and a code generator, communicating via an abstract syntax tree.

* The book is accompanied by a complete working compiler and interpreter, provided via the Internet, and free of charge for educational use.

* The book contains numerous exercises, together with sample answers to selected exercises. It also contains a number of suggested projects, involving extensions to the accompanying compiler.

* All examples in the book are expressed in Java, and the compiler and interpreter are structured using object-oriented design patterns.

David Watt teaches algorithms and data structures, programming languages, and software design. Deryck Brown teaches compilers, object-oriented programming, operating systems, and software engineering.

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