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Скачать SOAP Programming with Java бесплатно

SOAP Programming with Java
Publisher: Sybex Inc | ISBN: 0782129285 | edition 2002-01-18 | PDF | 448 pages | 19,88 mb

The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) has come to occupy a central place in today's breed of modular applications known as Web Services. Building on your knowledge of XML, this book will help you create your own SOAP-based services that use not only HTTP but also the services media of the future: JMS, JavaSpaces, and JavaMail. You'll also learn how Web-enabled wireless devices fit into the world of SOAP-based computing.

The companion CD-ROM contains code for all the book's examples and a collection of programming tools, including XML utilities and a SOAP debugger. You also get a Java-based Web Service and a sample implementation of a Java Message Service, both built using SOAP.

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