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Скачать Core Java 2, Volume I: Fundamentals (6th Edition) бесплатно

Core Java 2, Volume I: Fundamentals (6th Edition)
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR | ISBN: 0130471771 | edition 2002-08-22 | CHM | 752 pages | 3,08 mb

Book Description Completely revised and up-to-date coverage of Generic programming, restrictions and limitations, type bounds, wilcard types, and generic reflection Swing GUI development, including input validation and other enhancements Exception handling and debugging, including chained exceptions, stack frames, assertions, and logging Streams and files, the new I/O API, memory-mapped files, file locking, and character set encoders/decoders Regular expressions using the powerful java.util.regex package Inner classes, reflection, and dynamic proxies Application packaging and the Preferences API The seventh edition of Core Java- 2, Volume I, covers the fundamentals of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE-). A no-nonsense tutorial and reliable reference, this book features thoroughly tested real-world examples. The most important language and library features are demonstrated with deliberately simple sample programs, but they aren't fake and they don't cut corners. More importantly, all of the programs have been updated for J2SE 5.0 and should make good starting points for your own code. You won't find any toy examples here. This is a book for programmers who want to write real code to solve real problems.

Cay S. Horstmann is a professor of computer science at San Jose State University. Previously he was vice president and chief technology officer of Preview Systems Inc. and a consultant on C++, Java, and Internet programming for major corporations, universities, and organizations.

Gary Cornell has written or cowritten more than twenty popular computer books. He has a Ph.D. from Brown University and has been a visiting scientist at IBM Watson Laboratories, as well as a professor at the University of Connecticut.

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