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Скачать Programming Lego Mindstorms with Java бесплатно

Programming Lego Mindstorms with Java
Publisher: Syngress | ISBN: 1928994555 | edition 2002-05 | CHM | 464 pages | 5,42 mb

The LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System has been called "the most creative play system ever developed." This book unleashes the full power of the RCX and the tools, bricks, and components that make up LEGO Mindstorms.

Programming LEGO Mindstorms with Java is as much about robotics programming as it is about Java programming. This book is for all levels of Mindstorms users, from hobbyists to the serious Mindstorms aficionados. This book is also appropriate for a variety of programming levels; those with only a modicum of Java knowledge as well as those at an advanced level will find much to learn within these pages. You will cover all the basics of programming the RCX, beginning with the introduction of the available Java APIs used to communicate remotely to the RCX using its default firmware, all the way through the advanced topics of embedded programming using a custom Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

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