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Скачать AXIS: Next Generation Java SOAP бесплатно

AXIS: Next Generation Java SOAP
Publisher: Peer Information | ISBN: 1861007159 | edition 2002-05 | RTF | 250 pages | 13,39 mb

This book will provide the first in-depth look at AXIS, which is the new name for Apache SOAP – the most widely used Java implementation of SOAP. The rapid uptake of SOAP based web services has lead to the continuous and rapid development of the SOAP specification – putting pressure on the various implementations to keep up. AXIS will address the performance issues inherent in Apache-SOAP and create a new architecture, which will be more extensible.

The book starts with an introduction to AXIS and web services, highlighting the goals of the Apache AXIS project and its current status. The key to exploiting the power of AXIS is in understanding its architecture and how to extend it. This book will show you how to do this by writing your own custom message handlers. Then it moves on to using the new parts of the SOAP specification AXIS implements and Java 2 Enterprise Edition integration. All this builds towards a full case study based around a supply chain application for a car manufacturer and its dealers.

This book will:

Explain what AXIS is and why it's needed
Look at the Architecture of AXIS in detailL
Show how to extend the capabilities of AXIS with custom handlers
Demonstrate the new advanced SOAP capabilities that AXIS provides
How to build a full supply chain solution based on AXIS
Interoperability with Microsoft Client implementations
Finally, we'll look at what the future holds for AXIS and SOAP

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