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Скачать Data Structures in Java: A Laboratory Course (Repost) бесплатно

Data Structures in Java: A Laboratory Course

Sandra Andersen, «Data Structures in Java: A Laboratory Course»
Jones and Bartlett Publishers | ISBN: 0763718165 | 2001 | PDF | 407 pages | 2.94 MB

Data Structures in Java: A Laboratory Course defines active learning. With sixteen labs to choose from, this laboratory manual creates a "learn by doing" experience for its students by engaging them in implementation of data structures and in application of algorithms. Students are challenged to exercise their knowledge in each of the four-part structure laboratory assignments: Prelab: Students use the Prelab assignments to explore and implement the basic operations of a data structure. Bridge: During the Bridge exercises, students test and debug the advanced data types they developed in the prelab and are provided with substantial feedback and support. In-lab: Students gain programming experience during the in-lab projects as they apply the data structure to a real-world problem.





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