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Скачать Java Message Service API Tutorial and Reference: Messaging for the J2EE Platform бесплатно

Java Message Service API Tutorial and Reference

Mark Hapner, Rich Burridge, Rahul Sharma, Joseph Fialli, Kim Haase,
«Java Message Service API Tutorial and Reference: Messaging for the J2EE Platform»

Prentice Hall | ISBN: 0201784726 | 2002 | PDF | 544 pages | 1.68 MB

Introduction to messaging, the Java Message Service (JMS) API architecture, point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging domains described, essential JMS programming APIs (connections, sessions, message producers and consumers), the structure of messages, simple point-to-point and publish/subscribe examples (including guide to deployment and execution), JMS used with multiple systems (including J2EE and non-J2EE messaging interoperability), JMS reliability mechanisms (acknowledgement, persistence, priority levels, durable subscriptions, local transactions), building J2EE clients used with message, session, and entity beans (including deployment and execution tips), a sample using multiple J2EE servers, reference to all JMS APIs: including topic and message classes, exception classes, queue classes, sessions and connections, and appendix with JMS client examples.

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