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Скачать Effective Enterprise Java бесплатно

Effective Enterprise Java
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional | ISBN: 0321130006 | edition 2004 | CHM | 496 pages | 14,1 mb

"With this book, Ted Neward helps you make the leap from being a good Java enterprise developer to a great developer!"
—John Crupi, Sun Distinguished Engineer coauthor, Core J2EE Patterns
If you want to build better Java enterprise applications and work more efficiently, look no further. Inside, you will find an accessible guide to the nuances of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) development. Learn how to:
* Use in-process or local storage to avoid the network, see item 44
* Set lower isolation levels for better transactional throughput, see item 35
* Use Web services for open integration, see item 22
* Consider your lookup carefully, see item 16
* Pre-generate content to minimize processing, see item 55
* Utilize role-based authorization, see item 63
* Be robust in the face of failure, see item 7
* Employ independent JREs for side-by-side versioning, see item 69

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