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Скачать Java(TM) Studio Creator Field Guide (Repost) бесплатно

Java(TM) Studio Creator Field Guide
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR | ISBN: 0131491687 | edition 2004 | PDF | 680 pages | 22,2 mb

Sun's Java Studio Creator (formerly Project Rave) offers you a remarkably productive visual environment for building, integrating, and delivering business-critical applications. Direct from Sun, Java Studio Creator Field Guide is your definitive guide to Java Studio Creator. Leading Java platform instructors and consultants Gail and Paul Anderson help you use Java Studio Creator to simplify and accelerate your entire development process.One step at a time, the Andersons walk you through *Mastering Java Studio Creator's interface and workflow *Simplifying Web development with JavaServer Faces components, validators, and data converters *Controlling Web application page flow with the Page Navigation editor *Building Creator projects with JavaBeans components *Accessing Web services using XML-based open standards: a case study using Google Web Service APIs *Using databases and data-aware components--including detailed coverage of new JDBC RowSets *Customizing applications: localization, internationalization, and custom validation *Debugging with Creator's built-in debugger With Java Studio Creator and this book, you'll spend less time on application "plumbing"--leaving more time for the high-value tasks you really care about. Simply put, you'll get more done, faster...and have more fun doing it.



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