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Скачать Java for ColdFusion Developers (REPOST) бесплатно

Eben Hewitt, "Java for ColdFusion Developers"
Pearson Education | 2003-01-07 | ISBN: 0130461806 | 600 pages | CHM | 1.8 MB

Macromedia's new ColdFusion MX brings ColdFusion's proven ease of use and productivity to the scalable, standards-based Java technology architecture. Developers can now take advantage of MX's innovations to create rich Internet applications, and for the first time ColdFusion developers will be able to write Java code in ColdFusion templates. In Java for ColdFusion Developers, Hewitt helps the reader quickly get up to speed on the new features of MX, then leverages what the ColdFusion developer already knows to start delving into object-oriented programming concepts and Java programming. Learn the various development environments, basic Java syntax, error handling, exceptions and debugging, then get a GUI overview with AWT and Swing. Create Web sites in Java and learn servlet architecture, JavaServer Pages and how to work with databases. With plenty of code, audience-specific notes, and practical advice Hewitt helps Web developers graduate into full-fledged Java programmers.

The first Java guide specifically for experienced ColdFusion developers and Web professionals!

* Leverage your Web and ColdFusion skills to develop powerful Java applications
* Master JSP, servlets, custom tags, JavaBeans, JDBC, and other key Java Web technologies
* Install and run Apache Tomcat 4 and JRun 4 application servers
* Build several complete applications, including an e-commerce site
* Includes handy Java glossary and JSP/servlet references
* Up-to-the-minute coverage of Java 1.4, JSP 1.2, servlet 2.3, and ColdFusion MX

With ColdFusion MX and this book, any Web professional can leverage the power of Java to build robust, high-performance Web applications. Leading Web developer and columnist Eben Hewitt begins with a rapid-fire introduction to Java that builds on what you already know about ColdFusion to teach you exactly what you need to know about Java programming. Hewitt's focused examples, real-world insights, and code will take you from the basics of object-oriented programming to sophisticated JSP/servlet development, XML-based applications, and beyond!

* Master object-oriented application design and programming
* Build powerful servlets, JavaServer Pages, applets, and desktop applications
* Leverage XML & XSLT, exception handling, I/O, JDBC databases, and more
* Understand the similarities and key differences between CFML and Java development
* Integrate ColdFusion MX with J2EE and servlet technology
* Create JSP custom tags and use the brand-new JSP Standard Tag Library
* Includes complete references to JSP tags and the Servlet API, plus a handy Java glossary

Details: amazon.com

Download: 1.8 MB, rar'd CHM






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