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Скачать Core Java(TM) 2, Volume I - Fundamentals (7th Edition) бесплатно

Cay Horstmann, "Core Java 2, Volume I--Fundamentals (7th Edition)"
ISBN: 0131482025 | Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR | Edition: 7 edition (August 17, 2004) | 784 pages | CHM | 6.7 MB

Completely revised and up-to-date coverage of
* Generic programming, restrictions and limitations, type bounds, wilcard types, and generic reflection
* Swing GUI development, including input validation and other enhancements
* Exception handling and debugging, including chained exceptions, stack frames, assertions, and logging
* Streams and files, the new I/O API, memory-mapped files, file locking, and character set encoders/decoders
* Regular expressions using the powerful java.util.regex package
* Inner classes, reflection, and dynamic proxies
* Application packaging and the Preferences API

Volume I concentrates on the fundamental concepts of the Java language, along with the basics of user-interface programming and provides detailed coverage of
* Object-oriented programming
* Reflection and proxies
* Interfaces and inner classes
* The event listener model
* Graphical user-interface design with the Swing UI toolkit
* Exception handling
* Stream input/output and object serialization
* Generic programming

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