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Скачать Advanced J2EE Platform Development: Applying Integration Tier Patterns бесплатно

Advanced J2EE Platform Development: Applying Integration Tier Patterns
224 pages | Prentice Hall (29 Sep 2003) | English | ISBN: 0130449121 | PDF | 1.3 MB

This book presents a powerful method that makes J2EE applications portable across any underlying Enterprise Information Systems so that are more resilient to change. It addresses the question of how to properly encapsulate legacy systems and make them usable on the Internet. The authors discuss methods and techniques to standardize the encapsulation process make the process more efficient, by producing an integration tier that effectively shields the J2EE part of an application from the properties and demands of its legacy part. The authors provide guidelines on how to reduce time and cost for application development by increasing re-use and quality and how to increase the migration potential for applications to provide a method to keep up with changes in the Enterprise Information System. This book shows how to apply Crupi 's Core J2EE Patterns to your organization's legacy systems that were not written in Java. Previously catalogued in 8/2002 catalog.


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