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Скачать Beginning J2EE 1.4: From Novice to Professional бесплатно

Beginning J2EE 1.4: From Novice to Professional
Apress; 1st ed. 2004. Corr. 2nd printing edition | ISBN: 1590593413 | 700 pages | February 2004 | PDF | 20 Mb

This book is aimed at programmers who have learned the basics of Java from, for example, Beginning Java 1.4: From Novice to Professional, and are now ready to learn how to use Java in the real world, with J2EE. But, J2EE is a big spec, and the target audience is not interested in Enterprise JavaBeans and other advanced specs within J2EE. In fact, 75% of J2EE applications are built using only JavaServer Pages and Servlets (two of the simpler technologies to learn in J2EE), so these are the areas that the audience is particularly interested in.

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