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Скачать Java Programming for the Absolute Beginner (For the Absolute Beginner) бесплатно

Joseph P. Russell, "Java Programming for the Absolute Beginner (For the Absolute Beginner)"
Publisher: Course Technology PTR | ISBN:0761535225 | 530 pages | PDF | 5 MB

download from Rapidshare.com

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Book Description:

Java is an object-oriented language that is extremely popular with programmers and Web developers. This beginner-level book teaches readers the fundamental programming concepts they need to grasp in order to learn any computer language. The unique approach covers the versatility and extensibility of Java using game creation as a teaching tool. The author starts with the basics of Java, assuming that the reader is truly a beginner with no programming experience. This non-intimidating guide to Java will be a welcome addition to the library of any aspiring programmer.



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