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Скачать Jython for Java Programmers бесплатно

Jython for Java Programmers
Sams; 1st edition | ISBN: 0735711119 | 496 pages | December 18, 2001 | CHM | 0.7 Mb

This book will help Java developers to increase application development and deployment, thus optimizing their overall efficiency. A brief introduction is provided that shows the differences between Java and Jython, important to include so that the reader will have a better understanding of why their union is beneficial. The remainder of the book teaches, through examples, how to use Jython. Intended for an experienced Java developer, this book assumes you understand the fundamentals to programming (i.e. loop statements, if.then, etc.). So, page space is focused on utilizing Jython with Java by covering the following: extending Python with java classes, modules, compiling, interpreters, design integration, etc.
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