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Скачать An Introduction to Network Programming with Java бесплатно


An Introduction to Network Programming with Java
Springer; 1 edition| July 27, 2006 | 429 pages | ISBN: 1846283809 | PDF | 3.1 Mb

The ability to construct reliable network software is a vital skill for many of today's programmers and at the same time, Java's comprehensive libraries of readily-accessible networkprogramming features ensure that Java remains at the forefront of network software development.

The 1st edition of this book provided a streamlined work that could serve as the core text on an undergraduate module and as the quick, clear, no-nonsense guide required by a IT professional. Notable amongst its features were its many code examples, screenshots and exercises. This 2nd edition retains these features and in addition includes:
- Language changes throughout the examples, largely reflecting the significant changes introduced by J2SE 5.0
- Comprehensive update of support software, particularly that used for Web applications
- New material, such as non-blocking servers and the use of the DataSource interface and Data Access Objects (DAOs) for connecting to remote databases


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