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Скачать Mastering Jakarta Struts бесплатно

Mastering Jakarta Struts

Mastering Jakarta Struts
Wiley | ISBN: 0471213020 | 262 pages | 1.2 MB | PDF

This text focuses on a particular serverside Java framework, known as the Jakarta Struts project, or simply enough Struts. Struts combines two of the most popular serverside Java technologies—JSPs and servlets—into a serverside implementation of the ModelViewController design pattern. It was conceived by Craig McClanahan in May of 2000, and has been under the watchful eye of the Apache Jakarta open source community since that time.
The remarkable thing about the Struts project is its early adoption, which is obviously a testament to both its quality and utility. The Java community, both commercial and private, has really gotten behind Struts. It is currently supported by all of the major application servers including BEA, Sun, HP, and (of course) Apache’s JakartaTomcat. The Tomcat group has even gone so far as to use a Struts application, in its most recent release 4.0.4, for managing Web applications hosted by the container.
This book covers everything you need to know about the Struts project and its supporting technologies, including JSPs, servlets, Web applications, and the JakartaTomcat JSP/servlet container. The goal of this text is to provide you with the foundation you need to design, build, and deploy Jakarta Struts applications.


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