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Скачать XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP: A Case Study in Developing a Web Application бесплатно

XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP: A Case Study in Developing a Web Application
Publisher:New Riders Press (2001-07-19) | ISBN-10: 0735710899 | PDF | 4.3 Mb | 768 pages

As a Web Developer, you know the challenge of building robust applications on multiple platforms. Creating truly portable applications becomes possible by using Java for code and XML for organizing and managing data. "XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP:A Case Study" will help you maximize the capabilities of XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP in your Web applications.
The author, Westy Rockwell, uses the hands-on approach of a case study to show you how to use these technologies in realistically complex situations. All the tools used in the case study are free, so you can obtain them and join the author in a real open source web chat application, available online and with the book CD-ROM. This book provides you with the information you need to fully utilize XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP in your web applications, and presents it in a practical and unique way through the case study.
With "XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP: A Case Study," you will learn how to:
-Build web applications based on XML, XSLT, Java Applets, Java Servlets and Java Server Pages
-Set up a Win32 Web application development environment based on the Java(TM) 2 SDK and freely obtainable, open-source software products from Apache Software Foundation: Tomcat, Xerces and Xalan
(*Note all of these items are located on the CD-ROM attached with the book so you don't have to take the time to download)
-Use XML as a language to express the architecture and design of the application itself, not just its data content
-Create a browseable user interface for your web application with JSP
-Use an Http Servlet, beans, and JSP custom tags to implement and control Web applications
-Make and deploy a Java Applet to control and refresh your Web application user interface
-Utilize Xerces and Xalan for XML and XSLT, to provide dynamic content to a Web application.
-Experiment with new techniques for XML storage using Java objects


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