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Скачать Ajax For Dummies by Steve, Ph.D. Holzner бесплатно

Ajax For Dummies by Steve, Ph.D. Holzner (Author)
Publisher: For Dummies (March 13, 2006) | ISBN-10: 0471785970 | PDF | 8 Mb | 384 pages

Create Web applications that act like desktop ones
Brush up on JavaScript, use free Ajax frameworks, and make your sites rock
What if shoppers at your online store could fill their carts without waiting for multiple page refreshes? What if searches produced instant results on the same page? With this book you won't have to wonder "what if" - you can use Ajax to make it happen! Get the scoop on all the technologies and start cranking out great applications.

Discover how to:
— Use CSS with Ajax — Connect to Ajax communities — Handle browsers that don't do JavaScript — Tie Ajax into Google — Work with XML DOM — Connect Ajax to PHP and JSP

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