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Скачать Java for ColdFusion Developers бесплатно

Java for ColdFusion Developers

Java for ColdFusion Developers
Publisher: Pearson Education | Number Of Pages: 600 | ISBN / ASIN: 0130461806 | 2MB

The ONLY Java programming book ColdFusion developers need!
Everything the ColdFusion pro needs to understand Java technology, install and run a Java Web server, write Java apps, and build and deploy JavaServer Pages!
Practical coverage with loads of code and tips especially for the ColdFusion developer.
Teaches not only object-oriented programming concepts and Java Programming, but also JSP and servlets as well. Macromedia's new ColdFusion MX brings ColdFusion's proven ease of use and productivity to the scalable, standards-based Java technology architecture. Developers can now take advantage of MX's innovations to create rich Internet applications, and for the first time ColdFusion developers will be able to write Java code in ColdFusion templates. In Java for ColdFusion Developers, Hewitt helps the reader quickly get up to speed on the new features of MX, then leverages what the ColdFusion developer already knows to start delving into object-oriented programming concepts and Java programming. Learn the various development environments, basic Java syntax, error handling, exceptions and debugging, then get a GUI overview with AWT and Swing. Create Web sites in Java and learn servlet architecture, JavaServer Pages and how to work with databases. With plenty of code, audience-specific notes, and practical advice Hewitt helps Web developers graduate into full-fledged Java programmers.
Eben Hewitt is in charge of Web development at Cybertrails, the largest ISP in Arizona, whose clients include the Phoenix Coyotes. He is responsible for 1,400 web sites his company hosts and develops for. He is the author of the best-selling book Core ColdFusion 5(0130660612) and the interactive CD-ROM Eben Hewitt's ColdFusion Training Course (0130676071). He is a certified SQL Database Administrator, a certified ColdFusion developer, and holds a Master's degree in Literary Theory. He has published extensively in print and online programming journals, and is on the faculty of the ColdFusion Edge.


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