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Скачать Foundations of AOP for J2EE Development (Foundation) by Renaud Pawlak бесплатно

Foundations of AOP for J2EE Development (Foundation) by Renaud Pawlak (Author), Jean-Philippe Retaillй (Author), Lionel Seinturier (Author)
Publisher: Apress (September 16, 2005) | ISBN-10: 1590595076 | PDF | 5 Mb | 352 pages

Foundations of AOP for J2EE Development covers a relatively new programming paradigm: aspect-oriented programming, or AOP. Presented are the core concepts of AOP: AspectJ 5, JBoss AOP, Spring AOP, and JAC. Specific features of these tools are compared. The book also explores the potential uses of AOP in everyday programming life, such as design patterns implementation, program testing, and application management. In the latter part of the book, the authors show how AOP can ease the task of J2EE application development. (J2EE is known for being a rich and somewhat complicated framework.)

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