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Скачать The Definitive Guide to Grails бесплатно

Graeme Rocher «The Definitive Guide to Grails (Definitive Guide)»
Apress | 1590597583 | 2006-12-11 | PDF | 7 MB | 384 pages

Reviewed and endorsed by Guillaume Laforge and Dierk Koenig of Groovy, The Definitive Guide to Grails, by Grails lead Graeme Rocher, is for anyone looking for a more agile approach to web development with a dynamic scripting language such as Groovy. It will show you the new direction web frameworks are taking and specifically how a dynamic scripting language like Groovy can be harnessed on the JavaTM platform for productive Grails development.

This book takes you through the Grails development life cycle, including its project infrastructure, screen generation, full automatic object mapping to relational database systems, and a flexible, easy-to-use web layer. This book also demonstrates how Grails complements Java web development. Topics include creating domain classes in the Java platform while still accessing advanced features like dynamic persistent methods, using Grails controllers to call business logic written in the Java specification, and testing your Java application logic using Grails test cases.

* The author tackles new issues like writing web applications with dynamic languages, an agile approach, Ajax, and more.
* The Java platform has always been about choice, and this book demonstrates how you can use select aspects of Grails that you choose.
* The book makes up for the current lack of solid Groovy documentation.





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