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Скачать JavaScript Bible - 6th Edition бесплатно

Danny Goodman, Michael Morrison, "JavaScript Bible - 6th Edition"
Wiley | ISBN / ASIN: 0470069163 | 2007 | 1171 pages | PDF | 8.9MB

This mammoth reference-tutorial-nearly 1,300 pages long-serves as both a learning tool for building new JavaScript skills for newcomers as well as a detailed reference for seasoned JavaScript developers. Updated to include the latest coverage of JavaScript, including how it fits into current Web browsers and applications as well as an exploration of its interaction with XML data in Ajax.

Key components of the book include a core language reference, document object reference, and coverage of Ajax, Firefox, and Mac OS X Widgets
Examines how to write scripts for mouse rollover effects and powerful client-side form validations, master JavaScript and DOM concepts, apply the latest JavaScript exception handling and custom object techniques, and various deployment strategies that best suit end goals


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