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Скачать XML and Java: Developing Web Applications (2nd Edition) бесплатно

Hiroshi Maruyama, Kent Tamura, Naohiko Uramoto, Makoto Murata, Andy Clark, Yuichi Nakamura, Ryo Neyama, Kazuya Kosaka, Satoshi Hada, "XML and Java: Developing Web Applications (2nd Edition) "
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional 2002 | 688 pages | ISBN: 0201770040 | CHM | 2.7 MB

Ideal for any Java developer or architect facing today's rich XML-based standards and tools, the second edition of XML and Java: Developing Web Applications delivers a wide and deep tour of the latest in today's XML standards and Java tools used to work with them. Whether you want to gain an understanding of basic or advanced uses of XML, chances are this practical-minded book will fit the bill, with its far-ranging coverage of tools and programming techniques.
Fully revised to cover the latest standards and technologies, XML and Java™, Second Edition provides the practical solutions developers need to design powerful and portable Web-based applications. Featuring step-by-step examples, this book focuses on harnessing the power of Java™ and XML together to streamline the development process.

XML and Java™, Second Edition provides new coverage of emerging areas such as document management, databases, messaging, servlets, JDBC, data binding, security, and more. It begins with an overview of XML programming techniques, standard APIs, and tools. Building upon this foundation, the book goes on to cover the latest technologies, including DOM Level 2, SAX2, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. It explores the role of these major middleware technologies in XML and Java-based Web application development, as well as the limitations and potential pitfalls.

Topic coverage includes:

The role of XML and Java in Web applications

Parsing XML documents

How to use the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 and DOM Level 2 APIs

How to work with SAX

Techniques for making the most of existing XML processors


The XML application server, XML and databases, and XML messaging, including SOAP

Techniques for storing XML documents by using JDBC

Information on Web services, including WSDL and UDDI

How to represent data in XML (data binding)

Standard techniques for securing B2B applications

XML Schema languages

The accompanying CD-ROM contains ready-to-run sample programs along with trial versions of WebSphere and DB2.

Combining a team of experienced authors with a practical cookbook-style approach and packed with useful sample code, XML and Java™, Second Edition provides the most complete toolset available for developers navigating the next frontier of Web-based business applications.

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