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Скачать Learn Visual Basic.Net through Game Programming by Matthew Tagliaferri (book + source code) бесплатно

Learn Visual Basic.Net through Game Programming by Matthew Tagliaferri
Apress | Aug 2003 | ISBN 10 : 1590591143 | ISBN 13 : 9781590591147 | English | Pages : 408 | CHM | 11MB

Many young programmers are interested in game programming. Learn VB .NET Through Game Programming is a self-paced learning tutorial designed to help any developer master the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP) with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. Unlike other books on OOP, this easy-to-understand book provides readers with peer-level language, while illustrating concepts with definitive and intuitive game programming examples.

The goal of this book is to teach you how to get started programming in Visual Basic .NET by developing games. This book doesn’t intend to be a complete treatise of all the features and capabilities of this latest version of VB. Instead, it provides a series of example programs that illustrate basic features of the language and begins the huge task of introducing you to the contents of the .NET Framework. In addition, I introduce one more important programming concept—the concept of design. Now that object-oriented languages are more common, people have found that the various objects in a program can be designed to interact with each other in different ways; these interactions can make the program more or less complex or more or less adaptable to future features or enhancements.

To illustrate the importance of design on a program, I’ve taken the time to walk you through the development process of several of these programs rather than simply presenting you with the final version of the game. By learning how to solve a program one way, then improving upon that design in a second or third version of the program, you’ll begin to recognize when your own designs might be headed down a wrong path and some redesign is in order.

This book assumes you’ve had at least some experience in software development before diving into the first chapter and that you now want to learn Visual Basic .NET. Perhaps you’re a VB 6 programmer, for example, in which case this book will help describe the syntactical differences between the languages, as well as introduce you to the .NET Framework classes that will be new to you. Perhaps you’re experienced in an older technology such as mainframe programming and are looking to update your skill set to something more modern. Whatever the case, my assumption is that as you crack open Chapter 1, “Developing Your First Game,” you’ve written programs in some other language so that you have a jumping-off point.

Chapter 01 - Developing Your First Game
Chapter 02 - Writing Your First Game, Again
Chapter 03 - Understanding Object-Oriented Programming from the Start
Chapter 04 - More OOPing Around
Chapter 05 - Understanding Polymorphism
Chapter 06 - Using Polymorphism via Interfaces
Chapter 07 - Creating Multiplayer Games
Chapter 08 - Using DirectX
Chapter 09 - Learning Other Object-Oriented Programming Topics
Appendix A - The Basics of Visual Basic
Appendix B - Using POV-RAY and Moray
Appendix C - Using the BMPStitch Utility

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