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Скачать Visual SourceSafe 2005 Software Configuration Management in Practice бесплатно

Visual SourceSafe 2005 Software Configuration Management in Practice
Packt Publishing | February 16, 2007 | ISBN: 1904811698 | PDF | 7.6 Mb | 404 page

This book uses a real-world case-study project to teach you how to manage software configuration efficiently using Visual SourceSafe 2005, Microsoft’s Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution for independent developers and for developers working in small- and medium-sized teams.

It also provides a best-practices reference on using SourceSafe 2005 to manage the software development lifecycle. This book is for .NET developers, testers and configuration managers who: Use Visual Studio .NET 2005 for building software. Want to use software configuration to manage their products in day-to-day activities. Want to improve their efficiency by learning to use the best practices with SourceSafe. Want to install, manage, and configure Visual SourceSafe 2005 for optimal operation. The book does not assume previous knowledge of Software Configuration Management or Visual SourceSafe. It takes the reader from the ground up and is a great resource for people starting to learn about this subject. Readers with previous SourceSafe experience will benefit by discovering the improved and new features in Visual SourceSafe 2005.


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