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Скачать Microsoft .NET Kick Start бесплатно

Hitesh Seth, “Microsoft .NET Kick Start”
Sams | 2004-01-03 | ISBN: 0672325748 | 504 pages | CHM | 4,6 MB

'Microsoft .NET Kick Start' answers the essential questions What is .NET? and What can .NET do for me? from the developers perspective. Expert author Hitesh Seth explains the.NET platformits core components, development tools, and programming modelso youll be ready to build professional .NET applications in no time.'Microsoft .NET Kick Start' puts .NET into perspective, explaining how .NET differs from other development platforms. Youll learn about the consistent .NET programming model forWeb, desktop, wireless, and speech applications. Youll also see how .NET is tightly integrated with XML and Web service technologies and standards. Hitesh Seths insights and tips, along with dozens of practical examples that you can put to use immediately, will have you up and running at full speed in nothing flat.In this book, you'll:- Program with Visual Studio .NET and your choice of language including C#, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual J#, and more- Understand the Common Language Runtime (CLR)- Work with the .NET Framework class library- Develop .NET Windows desktop applications, Web applications, Web services, wireless applications, and speech applications - Integrate and interoperate with existing COM and Win32 applications- Incorporate the Windows Server System into .NET, including SharePoint Portal Server and BizTalk Server- Leverage Microsoft Office System 2003 applications with .NET applications- Learn best practices for .NET application development with blueprints and case studies

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