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Скачать Visual Basic .NET Bible бесплатно

Bill Evjen"Visual Basic .NET Bible"
ISBN: 764548263 | Bill Evjen | Wiley | 1240 pages | English | 2001-12-15 | 9.4MB

If Visual Basic .NET can do it, you can do it too … Visual Basic .NET represents the greatest generational leap Visual Basic has ever taken. Written by a talented team of Visual Basic .NET experts, this comprehensive guide helps you flatten the .NET learning curve and get to work, whether you're a Visual Basic 6 veteran, an ASP developer, or a programming newcomer.

* Get a quick rundown of differences between Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET
* Master the ins and outs of the Visual Basic .NET language, from "Hello World" to object-oriented programming, multithreading, and COM interoperability
* Find out how to boost your productivity in the Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment
* Harness ADO.NET and XML to access and manipulate data
* Get a handle on creating Windows Forms, from controls to visual inheritance
* Delve into HTML and Web controls, plus learn how to encapsulate code into user controls and find out what's new with security and configuration for your ASP.NET applications
* Learn everything you need to know to build and consume Web Services, including incisive coverage of SOAP



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