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Скачать Maximizing .NET Performance by Nick Wienholt бесплатно

Maximizing .NET Performance (Expert's Voice) by Nick Wienholt (Author)
Publisher: Apress; 1 edition (October 30, 2003) | ISBN-10: 1590591410 | CHM | 2,7 Mb | 304 pages

Maximizing .NET Performance will focus on providing developers and architects with information on performance characteristics of various aspects of the .NET Framework. In addition to providing high-level material on achieving software with good performance characteristics, the book aims to educate readers on the design and implementation of the Framework, and to provide the tools and techniques to allow readers to conduct their own investigation into performance problems.
The dominant feature of the book will be the systematic analysis of performance relating to key Framework topics, like remoting, garbage collection, and threading. Rather than a 'tips and tricks' approach, the book aims to provide a detailed exploration of each topic, and explore the 'whys' and 'by how much' aspects of performance that are often overlooked.

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