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Скачать Maximizing ASP.NET: Real World, Object-Oriented Development бесплатно

Maximizing ASP.NET: Real World, Object-Oriented Development
Addison-Wesley Professional | 2005 | 336 pages | ISBN-10: 0321294475 | CHM | 4.65 MB

Microsoft has endowed Web developers with a gift. Since its introduction to the masses in beta form in 2001, the .NET Framework and its ASP.NET subset have changed the way we look at building Web applications. Indeed, before this time, many of us didn't even think in terms of "applications" but rather collections of loosely related scripts that together formed a Web site.

Making this transition required a serious leap of faith and a great deal of new learning for a lot of developers. Scripting languages such as ASP 3.0, ColdFusion, and PHP made it fairly easy for someone with little or no programming experience to quickly learn about the platform and start building dynamic Web sites. Years of experience as a developer or an academic background in computer science were not necessary.

That background still isn't necessary, but with ASP.NET, script developers need to make some fairly radical changes in their thinking to get the most out of this amazing platform. This book aims to help you with that transition, or to get you familiar with the platform's architecture if you're already well versed in object-oriented design.


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