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Скачать A First Look at ASP.NET v 2.0 бесплатно

A First Look at ASP.NET v 2.0
Addison-Wesley Professional | 2003 | 352 pages | ISBN-10: 0321228960 | CHM | 3.82 MB

A First Look at ASP.NET v. 2.0 systematically prepares you for Microsoft's ASP.NET 2.0 Web development platform, showing how to use it to reduce development time and costs, improve the performance of Web applications and services, simplify deployment and management, and extend your applications to mobile clients.

Drawing on extraordinary insider access to Microsoft's ASP.NET development team, three renowned ASP.NET experts cover every key platform enhancement, from Master Page templates for standardizing look and feel to improved security and data- access controls. They go far beyond already published white papers and previews, presenting detailed development techniques, best practices, and sample code that will give you a running start with ASP.NET 2.0.

This book's detailed coverage includes:

* Streamlining database integration with "code-free" data binding and ASP.NET 2.0's new data source controls
* Using Master Pages to improve your control over application look and feel
* Strengthening security with membership providers, security server controls, cookieless forms authentication, and the new Role Manager
* Simplifying personalization with ASP.NET 2.0 Themes
* Building fast, flexible portals with Web Parts and the new Portal Framework
* Delivering more effective mobile device support--with less complexity
* Previewing new ASP.NET 2.0 controls and changes in existing controls
* Using Microsoft's powerful new .NET and built-in administration tools

Whether you're already developing with ASP.NET, or preparing to migrate from ASP, A First Look at ASP.NET v. 2.0 gives you complete information for assessing ASP.NET 2.0--and making the most of it.


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